who WE ARE


Together, we advocate for the protection and preservation of our basic human rights through education, awareness and the support of likeminded organizations.


We hope to educate and empower the local community to facilitate social change towards a progressive future, with a goal of creating a future that stands for all.



We believe in strength in numbers. The volume of our voices can be amplified when we come together as concerned citizens. Diversity among members will generate unique ideas, skill sets, and knowledge. When we combine all of these distinct attributes, we can accelerate our mission and be heard. During this trying time it is important to connect and communicate on a local and national level.

Create Change

With so many issues at stake, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, which events to attend, and what letters to send. Many of us are new to activism and also struggle with limited time on our hands. We often wonder which actions require immediate attention, or which actions will make the largest impact. Women Against Hate aims to assist its members in the challenge of being active while maintaining our busy everyday lives, by providing organized information on timely local events, actions, and issues. We aim to engage and activate the local community and ourselves to help shape a true democracy for present and future generations.



Women Against Hate was started by Jenna Stanek, Rachel Burke, and Erika DeVriendt as a way to 'do something' in light of the current political status of the United States. Through many conversations we have realized that so many people also have this need. People want change, they want to contribute in some way to that change, and want a platform in which to do so. We are hoping that we can be one of those platforms. Women Against Hate was started with the hope to open up a dialogue for women and women's rights. For human rights. We envision Women Against Hate to serve as resource and fundraising platform for women based/interest organizations.