We can’t avoid the truth—women in America are paid less than men. According to the AAUW, women, in fact, are paid 20% less than the average male, and of course, even less when we look at the statistics for women of color. On a local level, Michigan women are paid 26% less than their male counterparts, landing us as the state with the 8th largest pay gap from males to females.

It’s definitely not an endearing, or even remotely empowering, statistic to carry on your shoulders, day in and day out to work, into meetings with your boss and as you sit amongst a table of men during a presentation. It’s a looming percentage, that no matter what type of workforce you belong to, remains there to remind you of your inferiority. It’s discouraging, disheartening and downright disgusting.

We, as women, will never stop fighting for our equality and hope that we can provide you with the tools to stand up for your rights.

How To Get Involved

For Individuals

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming workshops that will help empower women and provide them with the tools necessary when it comes to advocating for themselves in regards to salary, benefits and promotion and much more.

For Policy Makers

Congress needs to take action for equal pay, and it's our duty to let them know. The Equal Pay Act hasn't been updated since 1963, and the Paycheck Fairness Act has failed to move forward on numerous occasions since 1997. To continue to advocate for equal pay, we encourage you to visit fightforpay.org.